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Mobile Application for Android

  The use of the Android based application is very common nowadays due to availability of the smartphones in every hand. Companies are providing Android based smartphones to customers on a low rate. The amazing innovations in the

Why website is important for a business

Whether you’re just starting out a business or already have been in business for a while, having a website is very important. Your current and future clients come to expect it from the business they patronize, so

Importance of Search Engine Optimization

With the importance of internet in the current age and the cut throat competition in every sector, online marketing or e-commerce has gained considerable momentum. The nature and size of business you run does not matter, but

Importance of server support in company

Any modern business that seeks to thrive in a competitive environment needs to have a functioning website. Whenever sites are not running this has the adverse effect of reducing profitability and access to new customers. With 24×7

Importance of Firewall in Network Security

In today’s technological advanced world, everyone feels incomplete without internet and computer. In every field and in every company computer is the only device to manage all the machinery of industry. No matter you are at work,

Beware of virus and malware

A computer virus is a malicious program or set of files which degrades and affects the performance of a computer. At times, it also results in improper functioning of a computer or operating system. A virus can

SEO market trends-Sky rocket your Business

Internet marketing has been in being for a long time and looking at the dramatic results it yields; it seems that the technique will maybe continue to survive in the market forever. To be precise, with the

How to grow business online

In this current era of technology, the Internet speaks to one of the strongest and most savvy marketing channels available. An online marketing campaign can transform a business even in times of retreat, on the off chance

Why Ignoring Software Testing Will Cost You High

While surfing on the web or using any web application or software you might have confronted issues like connections not living up to expectations, software stuck, enrolment issue, and zoom issue, software working just on specific browsers,

Online ERP Solutions; A need of big organization

In the market of 21st century, IT sector has developed very rapidly with the arrival of the internet and world-wide web. In fact internet is absolute boon to billions of users across the world to communicate across